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Damien Lovegrove

Damien Lovegrove is an emerging landscape and travel photographer now shooting exclusively with the Fujifilm GFX50s. He is perhaps best known for his previous careers in portraiture and wedding photography. 

Damien currently teaches photography on trips to fabulous locations like Cuba, Tuscany and Arizona. He recently published his latest book called 'Portraits' shot entirely with Fujifilm X series cameras and he remains a Fujifilm X-Photographer for 2017.

Damien will will be offering a very limited number of people the chance to take part in a unique, one-to-one GFX 50S studio session. You will experience the raw power of the GFX’s 51.4 MP medium format sensor first hand and benefit from Damien's massive photographic experience, his compositional expertise and deft touch with lighting to shoot stunning portraits. This is an unmissable opportunity for anyone considering buying into Fujifilm’s GFX system to learn from one of the best photographers and educators in the business.

Book your one-to-one GFX session with Damien here.

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