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Jakob Gronkjaer

Jakob has been keenly documenting life through a lens for nearly a decade. His philosophy is to use the available light as much as possible and only use ‘artificial’ lighting when absolutely necessary. Even then, it is used primarily to complement rather than overwhelm the true atmosphere of your special day. That said, he’s been known to throw in a sparkler or two if it might help capture the ‘spark’ between the lucky couple.

His dedication to capturing the adventure gives him a fearless approach and if hanging off of chandeliers is what it will take to get the look you want, then so be it!

Jakob runs Danish Apple Photography, a husband and wife team focusing mainly on wedding, fitness, commercial and fashion photography. He owes his passion for image creation to his parents, who gifted him his first 5MP point-and-shoot camera more than a decade ago.

From there, practice and a vivid imagination drove his creativity. Meeting his wife spurred an interest to perfect his portraiture and together they strive to give their couples complete coverage at every wedding attended, from the smallest details to the biggest group shots.

Despite mostly working in the UK, with a multi-national background Jakob shoots all across Europe, with weddings and fashion shoots as far afield as Italy, Czech Republic, Austria and Denmark. No matter where the shoot is located, he is committed to getting the best out of his subjects, irrespective of language barriers or lighting conditions.

Danish Apple Photography also run monthly community-based photography skills training sessions to help people develop their skills. Their style is as varied as their coverage, from using only available light (for capturing the mood), to using all out, multi-flash multi-gel setups with smoke, water and flour! Jakob is a Brand Ambassador for Interfit Photographic Ltd.

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