Trade-up or Trade-in

Trade up Trade in 10percent.png

CameraWorld LIVE is the perfect place to trade in your old camera equipment and to treat yourself to some brand-spanking new kit! 

There will be a dedicated trade-in area where we will be offering on the spot valuations for your used equipment. Better yet, we will be offering a whopping 10% MORE Trade-in value at CameraWorld LIVE, so hunt through your drawers, attic, cellar and garage and bring any unwanted gear along.

We’re happy to buy all sorts of photographic equipment, from 35mm film cameras, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, top compacts, medium format, large format and classic/vintage cameras.* 

We also buy most lenses and many accessories, such as camera bags, tripods, battery grips, flashguns, meters and remotes - the list just goes on. And we're interested in practically every make since the dawn of photography.

CameraWorld LIVE will also have a dedicated second-hand camera kit area so, if you’re after some vintage glass or you’d like to expand your collection of film cameras or pick up a bargain DSLR/Mirrorless camera or additional lens, then the show will have something for you.

*subject to the condition, of course.

Katie Teesdale-Ward