6 reasons to join us

1. First-hand experience of the latest cameras, lenses and accessories from some of the world’s major photography brands, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, Tamron and Zeiss. 

2. Need a creative reboot? Want to pick the brains of top professional photographers?There will be a selection inspirational talks and presentations throughout the day, as well as experts and pro’s on many of the exhibitors stands, all ready to dispense advice, share experience and talk all things photography.

3. Stretch your legs and your photography on one of our guided photo walks. We will have a series of photo walks departing throughout the day to explore the City and the surrounding areas - join one and see London through the eyes of a professional photographer.

4. Turn up, trade in and trade up! CameraWorld will be offering on-the-spot valuations for your used gear. We buy all sorts of photographic equipment from old 35mm cameras to modern DSLRs. We also buy most lenses and many accessories, such as camera bags, battery grips, flashguns, etc. And we're interested in practically every make since the dawn of photography, so if you have some old camera kit you're no longer need or want to upgrade, come to us first.

5. Did someone say something about Show Deals? We will once again have some amazing offers available with our Famous Show Deals. But, we won’t be sharing any information on what they might be until Saturday the 28th! So you have to be there or miss out.

6. It’s free! CameraWorld LIVE is London’s biggest free camera show, so if you’re interested in photography then you really have no excuse not to come. Sign up here to receive regular updates about CameraWorld LIVE. We look forward to seeing there.

Katie Teesdale-Ward