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Gift Ideas for a Photographer

A guide to what they really want!

Isn't it always better to buy a gift that people would want rather than spending your hard earned cash on some novelty item that will get stashed away and never used? We've done our research and here is a list of ideas of what photographers really want to find under the tree this Christmas!

Not all item are universal so if in doubt give us a ring and we'll try and help you figure out the exact product you'll need. It may be helpful to call when you can take a sneaky look in their camera bag! Call one of our experts on 01438 367619

Less than £10

  • The Hahnel 5-in-1 cleaning kit is a pretty good place to start - perfect for cleaning cameras, camcorders, lenses, spotting scopes, screens & binoculars!

  • If your loved one shoots on film then there is no such thing as too much. Check what type of camera they have - is it a standard 35mm film camera or the more unusual 120 medium format?

  • For those shooting on a digital camera a memory card may sound boring but for the photographer they are an essential tool and always handy to have more! We have some great discounts on SD cards at the moment - this 16GB memory card by Lexar is slightly over the £10 budget but worth the extra £2 for the value as it's currently less than half price!

Under £50

  • A torch is an essential tool for the hardy photographers who are out in all conditions! Whether it's to find what they are looking for in their bag or to help them avoid the natural disasters that may have been left by a local cow, a torch is always a welcome addition!

  • Take a walk on the wild side with the OpTech double sling strap that is an excellent addition for anyone who carries either two cameras or a camera and binoculars for a comfortable & secure hold that offers quick and easy access to each.

  • Filters are a fantastic gift and really help take someone photography to the next level. ND filters are a great gift for a landscape photographer. They will help create a balance in the contrast with darker, moodier colours that a truer to the colour balance in the visible spectrum. Save £26 with the Cokin Gradual ND Filter Kit, now just £29.

  • There is nothing worse than getting caught out with a dead battery when you've waited hours for the perfect shot - and it has happened to the best of us!

  • Now the price and capabilities of these vary wildly but a shutter release cable or a wireless remote control is a fantastic tool, especially for anyone who wants to experiment with shutter speed and avoid the inevitable movement when using the shutter release button!

For someone special!

  • A travel tripod is a super desirable item and what to look for is weight, sturdiness and durability. The Vanguard VEO 2 GO 265CB Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod & Shoulder Bag Capture Kit is a great solution designed for mirrorless cameras and pro bridge cameras. It is currently reduced to just £189 - a saving of £79!

  • For portrait photographers or videographers on the go the NEO 2 is a revolutionary LED light, that combines the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of continuous light, with the flexibility of High-Speed Sync (HSS) flash, for more power or to freeze action. This is currently reduced to £199 and comes with a free grip and 10 pack of colour FX filter pack.

  • How about a touch of luxury with the stylish, practical and comfortable 4V LUSSO leather Camera Strap (made in Italy, of course!)

Still not sure - then why not get a gift voucher and let then decide for themselves!

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